Transform with Consciousness

Follow your conscience,
be aware of it

By connecting to your emotions, you become alive to your purpose

Your first feelings are the answers for you

When you are aware of your feelings, everything comes together in the order for the universe
– magic

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When you are connected with your being,
you will not destroy, you will create

Being present and conscious creates empathy

Passion will overpower your fear when you are connected with your feelings

Be aware so you can see, follow and trust the order that’s there for you


Peter Checa is an entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary real estate developer. His commitment to conscious living led to Yourable Group, an initiative to encourage awareness of their emotions to reconnect with purpose and empathy. As founder and CEO of Buildable, a leading development firm of residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, Pedro has applied the Yourable Group concepts to the building of over 25 conscious-created projects.