As the population proceeds to increase at a rapid rate, so does the construction industry, which more often than not has a significant negative impact on the environment. By adapting to advanced building techniques, and taking on a new approach to thinking, developers have the power to encourage beneficial, lasting changes where human needs are met without undermining the integrity and balance of the natural system. 

We are entering a new stage of economic growth, driven by the interactions between technology, sustainable infrastructure and increased resource production. Through this transformative time, nature can be conserved and restored through sustainable developments that satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the quality of life for future generations. 

What is consciousness and how is it applied to Yourable Group developments?

Consciousness is the psychology of awareness. It is used to describe the subjective feeling of a number of instincts, sensations, thoughts, memories and emotions. As children, we pay attention to our instincts and make decisions based off of our initial feelings. In contrast, as adults, we are constantly bombarded with outside information and the inner conscious is quieted. Through the return to that feeling, we can find the right answers and align ourselves with the order of the universe. 

By listening to our first feelings, connecting to our emotions, and being present, Yourable Group has been able to successfully create sustainable projects. Our consciousness led our subsidiary company, Buildable to be more environmentally focused, delivering quality projects through recyclable materials, local and organic sourced products, and design. We are committed to real estate ventures that educate and leave a positive impact, and have led over 25 residential, commercial and mixed-use projects with the initiative to channel our emotions to reconnect with purposeful and mindful living.  

Although you may not be able to build 100% sustainably, you can do so 100% consciously.Be aware of your consciousness in every step you take. Big or small, always follow and trust your instincts. 

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